My Three Words

So seeing as this is my first post, I should introduce myself and tell what kind of person I am, but to be quite honest, I don’t think that someone could adequately portray their personality in just a couple hundred words. After all, we are a collection of experiences, feelings, and such, so to try and cram all that into one post would be a train wreck. Instead, I decided to reach out to my closest friends, and ask them how they would describe me, but in 3 words only. I admit, I did only ask so that I would have enough varied writing material for this post, but I was surprised at how even though a lot of the words were different, they all conveyed the same meaning: I am loved. And when it comes down to it, that’s what really matters, and that love from those closest to me is what makes me who I am. It’s that love that gets me up in the morning. It’s that love that pushes me to do my best in everything I do. It’s that love that makes me who I am, and according to others, I am: dependable, thoughtful, and sincere; caring, hilarious, and unique; protective, clever, and independent; tall, punny, and genuine; sweet, funny, and awkward; and so when it comes down to it, I am all of these things, and also so much more. Because all of these people only have known me for certain parts of my life, and even those that have known me for the longer stretches of my life so far, they only know facets of me. Only I know who I am, and what three words best describe me, and those three words are: honest, polite, and witty.

I would like to go on to say that each of these words I chose not only as a descriptor for myself, but also as what I strive to be. In saying that I am honest, I am not saying that I have never told a lie, or omitted information from someone, or cheated at something. I will openly admit I have done all of the above at least once, if not multiple times. In fact, I am saying that if anything, dishonesty is my greatest shortcoming, one of my long-lasting character flaws, but I wish to change that. To better myself. To grow. And so that is why I wish to be honest. Everyday I am faced with opportunities to be honest or dishonest, and I live my life trying to choose the former over the latter. And so on that same tangent, I am not the most polite person around. I definitely have a strong grasp of public etiquette, and how to properly act around others, but I still commit many a social and emotional faux pas. And I don’t mean to imply that I am hoping to one day be some great Victorian gentleman that knows exactly which item of cutlery to use with each course. All I mean is that I wish to be someone who is considerate of others social and emotional demeanor, and doesn’t ever infringe on that, or make them feel uncomfortable in any way. And last, but certainly not least, I aim to be witty. It may sound prideful, but I know I am quite clever. I usually have a astute response to everything, and pride myself on that. But to claim that I have no room to grow in that regard is just naive, and that’s why that is my third word. Just like the other two, it not only describes me well, but it also points me in the right direction. These simple three words give anyone a quick glance into my life and personality, while at the same time, they give me a direction. They provide me with a goal to work towards today, and one that I will be working towards until my last day.

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