News On My Life: Writing About the News Is Difficult


Photo: The ruins of San Juan Parangaricutiro, near the base of the Parícutin volcano – Image |sharloch | flickr

I recently got hired to write for a news website called Blasting News. This is an incredible opportunity, and admittedly I didn’t think I would get the job when I applied, but I had to try. The problem is I have come to realize is I am not so great at coming up with news topics. My first article is about a Spanish tongue-twister, Parangaricutirimicuaro. Since then I have struggled; as a result, I haven’t written much since. The problem is I don’t want to report on the same thing that a million other people are writing similar articles about. I want to write about the unique and extraordinary. I just don’t know how to discover stories about that. I am hoping this post will act as a springboard, and I will be inspired to write an article or two. We’ll see. I have a lot to work on, but I am looking forward to making the progress.

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