Middle-of-the-Night Update: I am not dead, I promise!

So much has happened since my last post. I have gotten new jobs, quit one because I got promoted to the other, and so now I am a manager at a sports bar in the area. Having never served before, or done any work in the food industry, it’s all very new and exciting for me. This job is definitely helping me grow as a person, and really push me out of my comfort zone, which I know I needed. The only problem is it isn’t leaving me with a lot of free time, and the little free time I have, it is easier to tell myself “I’m too tired to do____” instead of actually doing it, such as writing, working out, hanging out with friends, etc. However, a friend of mine gave me some advice a while ago that has really stuck with me, and is what is calling me to write at 1:28 in the middle of the night when I should in fact most likely be sleeping. She told me that it’s always easy to use the excuse of “I’m too tired,” but using that excuse as a cover for keeping yourself from doing work, or accomplishing a certain task, is only going to hurt yourself in the end. And so I have to motivate myself. I can’t wait around to write until I am “in the mood” to do so because if I do, I may never write again! I have to motivate myself, and push myself to write more, and hold myself accountable when I come up short. If I don’t, then who will? So I will post more on here in the foreseeable future, even if it means middle-of-the-night posts like this one. Here’s to the future, and making 2018 the year I push myself out of my comfort zone!

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