Daily Prompt: Silhouette

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

Unknown when I return, I take my leave

Treasuring our time together always

I trek through your yard on this chilly eve

Wishing that my route would become a maze

So that alas but one option remains

And back into your embrace I return

To stay in thy abode, free of my pains

Cause my greatest is you, for whom I yearn

Instead farewell must I bid you for now

But one last look upon you I shall take

Turning, through your window I look for thou

But I see thy silhouette so opaque

In this moment I learn my tragedy:

Ev’ry farewell will bring me agony.

I decided to try my hand at sonnets for this writing prompt. I have never written one before, and initially I intended it to be like a Shakespearean sonnet, which turned out to be more difficult than I thought. I realized I have a certain struggle when it comes to recognizing stressed and unstressed syllables, so maintaining the iambic pentameter became secondary to just finishing it. Any feedback is appreciated!

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