Writing Prompt: Bypass/Fishhook/Region

via @Writing Prompts: bypass / fishhook / region


There once was a man named Douglass

He drove with only his compass

This proved to be swell

No wrong he befell

Until he drove off the bypass


I put new bait on the fishhook

Whatever I catch I will cook

I pull back to cast

But my throw stops fast

As I see I caught my friend Brooke


This is the tale of poor Steven

He fails when it comes to reason

He met his “true love”

And they used no “glove”

Now gross is his private region

So this writing prompt I found I decided to write limericks. I definitely took less time to write these, and it turned out to be considerably enjoyable as well! I only hope others share my opinion. I am definitely going to write more of these in the future even if people don’t though because at the very least, I made myself laugh!

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